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General Guidance for Receiving Visa of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Afghanistan Visa applicants must complete and provide the following documents:

  • A completed Visa Application Form
  • Two (2) recent passport size photos (3/4); 
  • Passport must have at least six (6) months of remaining validity; and  
  • A Letter of Introduction from the employer/sponsor stating the purpose and duration of stay of the applicant; and
  • Preparation for a short interview.
  • Note: Most of Afghanistan’s missions abroad have their own websites, where applicants can attain more information about the Visa Section Operation Hours, waiting time, document requirements, cost and other pertinent matters. 


  • Foreign nationals should take the following recommendations into consideration in order to have a safe and pleasant visit and avoid complications during their stay in Afghanistan: 
  • Must extend their visa prior to expiration if they wish to stay longer than the permitted duration in Afghanistan. For a visa extension prior to its expiration, Tourist Visa holders must contact the Ministry of Information and Culture, and Entry Visa holders must contact the Directorate General of Consular Affairs at MoFA. If the visas are not extended on the due date, the holder of the passport shall be fined US $10 per day during the first (1st) month of the delay; US $15 per day during the second (2nd) month of the delay; and US $20 per day during the third (3rd) month of the delay. If the delay is more than three (3) months, in addition to the fine, after the issuing Exit Visa, the holder of the visa shall be barred from entering Afghanistan for a period of six (6) months; 
  • After entering the territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, visitors should register with their embassies in Kabul, or at their nearest Afghan Police Department or to an Afghan Tourist Organization; 
  • Be culturally sensitive and respectful to local culture and traditions; 
  • Avoid taking photos and cinematographic films from restricted areas; 
  • Avoid the illegal act of transporting rare birds out of Afghanistan. Visitors may contact the Afghan Tourist Bureau to obtain more information and a list of rare birds and other needed relevant Export Certificates; and
  • At their departure, they may take 30 sqm carpets, 10 animal skins excluding Karakul, a certain amount of gemstones, including Lapis Lazuli, handicrafts and a limited variety of unrestricted antiques. 


According to the Afghanistan Travel and Residency Law for foreign nationals, the following thirteen (13) types of visas could be issued by Afghanistan Missions abroad: 

Diplomatic Visa (DV)

  • DV is issued for the holders of Diplomatic Passport.

Official Visa (OV)

  • OV is issued by the Afghanistan Missions abroad to the foreign nationals who hold Service and Special Passports or UN Laissez-Passer. It can also be issued to those who enter the territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for conducting official assignments in the diplomatic and consular missions of foreign countries, institutions, agencies or international organizations. Issuing visa for the staff of relevant authorities having Service Passport is free of charge, but for others, it will be issued based on reciprocity.

‌Business Visa (BV)

  • BV is issued to the foreign nationals who enter into the territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the purpose of business, investment, marketing, commercial transactions, guardianship, liquidation, handling of corporate affairs, and commercial property; selling and buying property; participation in exhibitions; commercial events and other similar issues. As per the order # 7 dated 10 November 2014 of the High Executive Committee, and in order to facilitate the issuance of visa for businesspersons and investors of major companies, the BV shall be issued according to the following conditions with a validity period of stay for one (1) or three (3) years (Multiple Entry) in exchange for visa fees.
  • Multiple BV is valid for up to one (1) or three (3) years and it can be issued by collecting a specific visa fee and based on the following conditions: 
  • Introduction of BV applicant by the Chambers of Commerce or other competent authorities of the country to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 
  • Providing work permit and description of business activities; 
  • Providing the relevant company address (in Afghanistan, or in the country of origin);
  • Providing documents related to the type of business activities; 
  • Providing tax documents (either from Afghanistan or from the country of origin); and
  • Providing bank accounts
  • Note; BV can be issued inside Afghanistan to those applicants that have Business Passports and have been introduced by the Ministries of Commerce, Economy, Mines, Finance, Transport, and Chambers of Commerce and other relevant government bodies to MoFA. Business Visa shall be extended through the Ministry of Interior for up to one (1) or three (3) years with multiple entries. For investors of neighboring or other countries, this type of visa is issued based on reciprocity or bilateral and multilateral agreements concluded with them.
  • New amendments are added to a part of the Travel and Residence Law for Foreign Nationals in Afghanistan:
  • Article 1:
  • Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Article 10 and part 1 of paragraph 1 of the Article 27 of the Travel and Residence Law for Foreign Nationals in Afghanistan is published in the Official Gazette no. 1185 on 11/7/1394 (3/Oct/2015), and is amended in the following manner:
  • 1. Article 10
  • (2) Multiple entry visas which have been mentioned in paragraph 1 of this article authorized Afghanistan’s missions abroad to issue three months to three-year multiple entry visas for foreign nationals.  
    (3) Business visas (multiple) are extended for up to three years inside the country by the Ministry of Interior Affairs upon the request of the business visa holder and letter of recommendations from the relevant government institutions.
  • 2. Article 27:
  • Business Visa: Three-month multiple visas for US $40; Six-month multiple visa for US $80; one-year multiple visa for US $160; two-year multiple visa for US $250; and three-year multiple visa for US $300 or equivalent sums in local currency (Afghani). For extending a business visa for up to one year, US $15$ or equivalent sums in Afghani will be charged for every month.
  • Article 2:
  • In part three (3) of the first paragraph of Article 15 of the Travel and Residence Law for Foreign Nationals published in the national Gazette no. 1185 on 11/7/1394 (03/Oct/2015) has been added in the following manner:
  • Article 15:
  • 3. Foreign business people and investors who want to enter Afghanistan for the business purpose can get their visas within Afghanistan by providing the required reliable documents if they could not get it from Afghanistan’s missions abroad due to time constraints.  
  • Article 3:
  • These amendments shall be enforced and published in the Official Gazette from the date it is signed. 


  • The upon arrival visas will be issued for the foreign business people and investors upon their arrival at Hamid Karzai International Airport through the representatives of Border Police of Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan and after the evaluation of the required documents in collaboration with the MoFA representative at the airport. This visa will be issued in accordance with the amendment of Article 27. 
  • The required documents are as follows:
  • To provide a notarized copy of a valid business license with at least six-month validity;
  • To submit a new notarized bank statement with having a minimum of US $100,000 deposit.  
  • To complete the visa application form with providing a recent photo;
  • Providing the exact address of the company along with the valid commercial document in which the address of the company is cited;
  • Visa payment fees are paid in accordance with the Article 27 of the Travel and Residence Law for the Foreign Nationals in Afghanistan. It is only applicable for issuing a business visa for business people and investors. 
  • Providing an original copy of the business letter from the company 
  • Providing the Police Clearance or No-Objection Certificate


  • WV is issued to employees, doctors, teachers, trainers, experts, engineers, pilots, the staff of ground transportation and foreign technical workers based on need and previous invitations for the purpose of working at Diplomatic and Consular Representations, UN Offices, International Organizations; Government and Non-Governmental Organizations; National and International Agencies.
    The WV Processing Fee is as follows: 
  • The required documents are as follows:
  • For one (1) month, Single Entry is US $100;
  • Extension for one (1) year is US $50 per month or payable in local currency and applicable through Ministry of Interior; and
  • To complete the visa application form with providing a recent photo;
  • Extension of WV is permitted based on the request of the inviting departments and is processed through MoI along with a letter from MoFA. 
Tourist Visa (TV)
Visit Visa (VV)
Student Visa (SV)
Upon Arrival Visa (UAV)
Crew Visa (CV)
Entry Permit Visa (EPV)
  • Foreigners of Afghan origin, who intend to visit Afghanistan with a foreign passport, can do so based without an Afghan visa based on the following: 
  •  Whose date of birth has been mentioned in their foreign passport as Afghan; and
  • Those that their date of birth has not been mentioned in their foreign passport as Afghan, but they have an ID or Afghan Passport, or their Afghan identity has been verified by Afghanistan Missions abroad. 
Residence Visa (RV)
Transit Visa (TSV)
Exit Visa (EXV)